Building an online presence with Clutch

Speaking about successful businesses in today’s world, developing a great product and delivering a good service to your customers must be a given. What really makes businesses be successful and competitive in the market is how strong your online presence is. And this is what we are going to talk about in the article below.
Pamela Mazini Stürmer | 3 de maio de 2021

Providing great service and developing good products isn’t enough for growing a successful business. Besides having a clean website, which is going to be the first point of contact between you and your customer, especially during COVID-19 times and when people are more digitally connected than ever, one needs tools to broaden the range of potential customers, and this is exactly how having your clients reviews and evaluations can work for you and your business.

Being digitally present goes beyond having your brand online. Customers nowadays make decisions about purchases even before they contact your company’s sales representative. Because we live in the era of information and abundance, customers can share bad experiences and learn about a company’s negative deliveries without ever buying their products. And this is why it is so important to collect your customers’ reviews and have them open for future clients to see how transparent your company is.

Here at ateliware, we develop digital solutions that help our clients transform their ideas into successful businesses. Ateliware’s teams of craftsmen use their expertise to develop products with a design-oriented approach.

What’s behind our presence on Clutch?

The secret to ateliware’s successful deliverables and products is its continuous process of learning and improvement, today embedded in ateliware’s software development methodology. We always customize solutions based on the needs of our clients. Thanks to our constant efforts in developing great products for them, we have earned their trust to vouch for our expertise in product development. Take one of Latin America’s greatest conglomerates as an example. Because we were able to find a solution that combined our expertise in UI/UX design and development, we received our first review from Clutch, a platform that helps businesses identify and connect with service providers to help them with their digital and product development needs.

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“The co-creation process was a success from the beginning, with both teams and departments engaged in building a technology solution, with requirements in the areas of risk and compliance. The interaction was always close and daily, with weekly and careful monitoring of project indicators.” - Marcel Santos, Digital Products Coordinator, Votorantim

Our solution delivered visibility of unprecedented data analysis, which end-users found to be impressive. During the development of the product, the teams seamlessly interacted with one another and made sure that we gave our clients a sense that they could approach us anytime.

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Ateliware was also featured in The Manifest, Clutch’s sister company, for being ranked second in the Manifest’s list of top Ruby on Rails development firms in Brazil. Having this recognition shows how much ateliware values commitment to its clients.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to have your clients close to your business. They will most likely be responsible for attracting your next customer. Having that said, thank you so much to all of our former and present clients. We appreciate you!

Let’s work together! Contact us, and let’s talk about how ateliware can help you streamline your business. We’re excited to hear from you!

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